Jeff+Pete are a half-Philadelphian half-Australian writing and directing duo composed of Jeff Gonick and Peter Novosel. After spending years being confused as twin brothers and writing countless commercials together they teamed up as writer/directors who are drawn to offbeat stories, can find a laugh in any situation and enjoy creating characters that are as idiosyncratic as they are relatable.

Armed with priceless comedic sensibilities, a meticulous eye for detail and an incredible sense of humility, the duo have directed commercials that you might have seen on Instagram and have worked with celebrities all of whom they’ve remained best friends with.

Before becoming as successful at directing as they are at talking themselves up in the third person, Jeff wrote for magazines like Paste and bombed at comedy open mics, and Pete played in an Australian punk band that managed to break up before the age of social media.

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USA / Reverie Content
UK, Scandinavia, Benelux / Hobby Film